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John A. Metro
16 September
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alan licht, ali g, andrew w.k., andy kaufman, andy warhol, angus maclise, aphex twin, awek, bardo pond, beat happening, beauty pill, beck, beer, big bird, black cat, boards of canada, bob dylan, bonnie prince billy, booze, boredoms, brian jonestown massacre, broadcast, broads, bruce conner, bruce russell, bukowski, calexico, can, captain beefheart, cat power, chavez, chipotle, clinic, coen brothers, coldcut, comic book guy, crank automotive, da ali g show, david cross, david lynch, dead c, dismemberment plan, divestar, dr. pepper, drinking heavily, drugs, dvds, eightball, flaming lips, futurama, galaxy hut, ghost world, grand theft auto, grubby, happiness, hat city intuitive, heavy metal parking lot, jicks, jim jarmusch, john fahey, john waters, kenneth anger, kermit the frog, krusty the clown, larry sanders, lenny bruce, lester bangs, lightning bolt, loose fur, luna, madonna, make-up, maneki neko, matador, mel blanc, metropolitan, michael moore, mikroknytes, mogwai, mr. show, muppets, my bloody valentine, nation of ulysses, neko case, neu!, now! music and fashion, outkast, palace brothers, papa m, paul flaherty, pavement, pink flamingos, pixies, pocket rockets, prefuse 73, preston school of industry, public enemy, pufnstuf, radiohead, rainbow connection, ramones, realistics, ren and stimpy, residents, richard hell, ripping friends, rosebuds, royal trux, scene creamers, sesame street, shiner bock, sid and marty krofft, silver jews, six feet under, slurpees, soft boys, sonic youth, sopranos, spacemen 3, speedwell, spiritualized, spoon, squarepusher, stanley kubrick, stephen malkmus, steve buscemi, stooges, storytelling, sun city girls, sun ra, sunrise adams, teletubbies, television, tenacious d, the banana splits, the simpsons, tiswas, todd barry, todd solondz, twin peaks, unrest, vanilla coke, velvet underground, wilco, woody allen, wu-tang clan, yo la tengo, yuengling